Are you expecting guests for the holidays? Give them your time as a gift. The festive season is knocking at the door, and with it comes an endless stream of friends, relatives and guests to your home. Are you familiar with the Christmas and New Year feeling - the front door is constantly ringing, excited children are running in and out of the house, often bringing snow and mud into your home.

The decorations have to be taken out of the closet and hung, and there are food and gifts to buy. You have Christmas parties, planned outings and a bunch of other events. It can be quite stressful to choose where to put the new clothes, toys and other gifts. What dress to choose for the company's Christmas party or where to buy shoes to match your dress. Your home is buzzing with activity from St. Nicholas Day through Christmas until New Year's Eve on December 31 and the January holidays.

It isn't easy to find time to recover! In fact, it's hard to find time for anything but clearing up quickly and preparing for the next guests. It's a magical cycle of joy, washing dishes and vacuuming. Fortunately, Clean Labs can help you, as well as your family members and all your other guests with a constant lack of time.

Give yourself time and peace this year with the one-time cleaning service of Clean Labs. This is a maid service you can trust. Fully secured and reliable, Clean Labs domestic helpers will arrive at the specified time and place. We want you to worry less because there are more important things, such as having the happiest holidays in years. This is an ideal solution for the hectic household, which needs a little help after the guests leave, and it's time to relax on the couch. After all, we are here for you.

From 2017 Clean Labs offers a high-quality housemaid services in the city of Sofia. We have developed a convenient online platform for our customers, where they can quickly and easily customize the details of the desired service - without delay, necessary for precursory visits and individual offers. The price of the service is instant.

The platform allows you to pay separately for each visit and thus optimize your budget and your free time. You do not have to pay large sums at once. You take advantage of insurance that covers any damage that may be caused to your home during the service.

The housemaid will be on time at the specified address and will be informed in advance of all details about the work to be done. If something unforeseen has happened, you can always tell her what you want her to do. For her to do quality cleaning, we will ask you to provide all the necessary materials and consumables.

We remind you that the housekeeper has a minimum of 4 hours to complete her tasks, and any additional work must be consulted with her. If you have to resort to booking additional services, she will ask you to pay for them through your account at >> But even if he fails to cope with everything for the limited time, he has, and we want you to know that for us the quality of the work done is more important than the poorly done work.

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