About us

For us home is culture – the culture of creating it, the culture of furnishing it, the culture of maintaining it and the culture of sharing it. Home is personal philosophy that can’t be explained with a few words. You have to step inside and smell its fragrance – there is no other way.

For us every home has its own unique quality which expects understanding, respect and trust. If something works well in design, it just works. In time functionality wins, when it is beautiful, useful, reliable and at the same time inconspicuous. When these four fit together, they work in synergy and yield undisguised satisfaction.

It is this satisfaction that we aimed for, when we created Clean Labs. Like many of you, we didn’t have spare time and had to find professionals to take care of our castle. But our disappointment was huge, because the service was compromised at both esthetic and functional level. So we decided to restore and unite these two things without forgetting the demanding everyday life, which rarely leaves us enough time to look after our home in the way that brings real esthetic delight, comfort and health.

That is why we developed a service, which makes you smile unwillingly, because you have wasted no time and still you come to a welcoming home, where everything is at its place and you can indulge in things you really love doing.

We don’t offer something we can’t do well. If we can’t meet your expectations we will simply turn down the order. This no-compromise, non-commercial way of doing business won’t put us on top, but lets us focus on what matters for us – the fragrance of freshness, safety and warmth in your home.